Welcome to Delta Kappa Epsilon's Alpha Tau chapter website and congratulations on finding one of the most prestigious fraternities in North America. We are based out of the University of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba here in Winnipeg. If you are a visitor wanting to learn more about Delta Kappa Epsilon we welcome you to please visit our RUSH section found here. For more information about the fraternity, or about rush, please feel free to contact our Rush Chairman: Alex Plishka (aplishka@gmail.com).

For more information, check out our facebook event page found here.


The active chapter is updating their contact list. We are planning on creating a strong active/alumni base. To get filled in on what the active chapter is doing with monthly e-mails and when active/alumni events are being held, please fill out the survey here. If you wish to reconnect with the Alumni of the Alpha Tau chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon, please e-mail Eric Blaich (eric.blaich@yahoo.ca), and we will get you in touch with the Alumni.

Alumni dues can now be paid online via PayPal, click below to pay dues.

John Tryon DKE Memorial Golf Tournament 2014 Golf Tournament

Alpha Tau is excited to announce that we will be hosting our 7th annual John Tryon DKE Memorial Golf Tournament this year on September 6th, at Bel Acres Golf Club.

The format for this years tournament will be best ball, and tee off will be at 10am. Aftwerwards we will head to the house for some beer, food from Danny's Whole Hog BBQ Smokehouse, and prizes! The cost for the whole event will be around $115, though the final cost will be determined after numbers are finalized.

If you are interested in playing in this years tournament please contact either Carl Bergh at (204) 770-0306, or Alex Plishka at (206) 734-2304 or aplishka@gmail.

We look forward to seeing everyone out on the links!

Rush DKE 2014

Golf Tournament

Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity is now accepting rushes for the 2014 school year. If you are interested in going to a rush event with our fraternity please contact: Alex Plishka (206-734-2304 or aplishka@gmail) or Carlin Ritchie (204-612-1002 or carlin.ritchie@gmail.com).

Along with the events above we will also have the following events:

September 10th - 11th: Fraternity Beer Gardens at the University of Manitoba

September 12th: Bison's Tailgate

September 20th: Bison's Tailgate

September 27th: Sports Day

For more details on events, take a look at our Events page.

DKE House Fundraiser 2013-2014

Congratulations to Delta Kappa Epsilon: Alpha Tau Chapter on the acquisition of a new chapter house!
Below is a form for a monthly donation subscription.

NOTE: A paypal account is required for subscription, please contact Alex Plishka at aplishka@gmail if you have any questions.

Donation Amounts - 12 Monthly Payments
Welcome Class of 2018!

Welcome our new brothers of the Alpha Tau chapter!

Rush DKE 2013

Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity is now accepting rushes for the 2013 school year. If you are interested in going to a rush event with our fraternity please contact: Gavin Reid (204-878-0355) or Alex Plishka (204-997-9684). Events for our rush period can be found in the calendar on this page.

Greek Life on UMFM

Great job to everyone on the UofM Student Life radio show and great job to brother Steve Setka and brother Brenton Belos for representing Delta Kappa Epsilon: Alpha Tau Chapter!
You can download the unedited version of the Greek Life Segment on the UMFM Radio Podcasts

Formal Rush 2013

It was great to see all the brothers come out to the Manitoba Club this year, here are a few photos of the night (more can be found in the photos section).
We are proud to present the Delta Kappa Epsilon Rush Class of 2018:

Thanksgiving Exchange 2013

This year's Thanksgiving exchange with the Alpha Phi Sorority was really fun this year; here's a few shots of the evening!

Scotch and Cigars 2013

Thanks to everyone who was able to come out for scotch and cigar night this year; we had a great turn out for alumni, actives, and rushes!

6th Annual John Tryon DKE Memorial Golf Tournament 2013

The 6th Annual John Tryon DKE Memorial Golf Tournament took place at the beautiful River Oaks Golf Course this year, raising donations for this year's charity the Canadian Breast Cancer Society.

Our staches

DKE Movember

This year the Brothers from Alpha Tau are determined to grow some BAD ASS mustaches this movember and help raise awareness across the University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg Campus for prostate cancer while raising money for research.

DKE Volunteers

This November we spent a saturday volunteering at Siloam Mission, preparing meals, bussing tables and swapping stories. Every year that we do this we always enjoy our time there, and it always makes us thankful for what we have.

Welcome to the Pledge Class of 2012!

5th Annual John Tryon DKE Memorial Golf Tournament 2012

We went to Kingswood Golf and Country Club this year for the annual John Tryon Memorial Golf tournament, where active and alumni alike had a great time playing through this beautiful course. This year we raised money for our charity of choice, the Canadian Breast Cancer Society, and all went home winners.

Bison's Tailgate 2012

Saturday September 15th we had our annual DKE Bison homecoming tailgate for the Canadian Breast Cancer Society, where we handed out free hot dogs and Red Bull for donations.

DKE Retreat 2012

This year we spent the annual DKE Retreat at Brother Erin Bihun's cottage at Grand Beach, beers were drank, stories were told, and a great time was had by all.

Rush 2012

The Rush schedule for September is as follows:
1. The Hub Pub on campus at 8 PM on Thursday Sept. 6th
2. Sports at Assiniboine Park Sunday Sept. 9th at 4 PM
3. Wings at Garbonzo's on Pembina Thursday Sept. 13 at 9 PM
4. Bison homecoming tailgate, in the soccer complex parking lot Saturday Sept. 15th at 1 PM
5. Beers and billiards at Triple B's Scurfield, Thursday Sept. 20th at 9 PM
6. Scotch and Cigars at brother Steve Pratt's place Sept. 27th at 9 PM

For any questions contact Steve Setka at 204-955-6131 and remember, anyone interested in joining DKE is welcome to any and all of these events

Alpha Tau Formal 2012

Winter Since the school year is coming to an end, that can only mean one thing, the DKE - Alpha Tau Formal is just around the corner. This year the formal dinner and dance will be held on April 27th, 2012 at the Delta Hotel. For those actives and alumni wishing to attend the event, we urge you to contact Bro. Mike Hlynsky at (204) 896-0624 to purchase tickets. Also, if you are attending the dinner and either you and/or your date have any dietary restrictions please let Bro Hlynsky before April 22nd. We hope to see a lot of deke's out at the event this year and we look farward to what our chapter can accomplish in the years to come.

Doug Lanpher visits Alpha Tau

Executive Director Doug Lanpher visited Alpha Tau this part week. He came to visit and congratulate the newly initiated neos. There was a big discussion about our housing situation, what international has been up to, and the passing of Bro. Joe Paterno. After the meeting we did what any DKE would do, we kick back a couple of beers and talked about what DKE meant to us. A big thanks goes out to Doug for visiting out chapter and we look forward to the continued success of DKE International, all the DKE chapters, and Alpha Tau.

Active Winter Formal 2011

The 2011 Active Holiday dinner took place this year on December 22 at the Delta Hotel. As per usual, it was a huge success. A big thank you goes out to Bro. Mike Hylynski for putting the event on.

Alumni Holiday Dinner 2011

The 2011 Alumni Holiday Dinner and AGM took place last Thursday at The Round Table. A big thank you goes out to Alumni Bro Dave Bihun for planning the evening. As per usual, good conversation and a great dinner with the brothers served as a great start to the holiday season. The big announcement of the night was the upcoming launch of the 2012 Alpha Tau House Fundraising Campaing. We look forward to hearing about new details in the future.

Winter Formal 2011

The Delta Kappa Epsilon Actives Holiday Dinner this year will be held on Thursday, December 22th. Limo service will take us to and from the Delta Hotel. Cost this year is $110, for you and your date. If you are interested in attenting, please contact Bro. Mike Hylynsky for more information about the dinner. Alumni, please contact Mike if you wish to attend. We look forward to seeing everyone out to this classy event!

Alumni wishing to attend the Alumni holiday dinner, please e-mail Alumni. Bro. Dave Bihun at dave@westernsafetysign.com

Panhellenic Formal 2011

The DKE's would like to thank all the girls of Alpha Phi, Alpha Delta Gamma and Alpha Delta Pi and especially those who took Deke's as dates. The big social was held downtown, with dancing and food. The Deke's presence was definitely shown with almost the entire chapter at the event.A big congratulations goes out to Bro. Blair Shuturma who won Panhellenic man of the year! We look forward to hanging out with all the sororities this year!


A bunch of men took their first step into the brotherhood which is DKE. We would like to congratulate each and every one of them and wish them the best of luck on their journey. Just donít lose your pledge pins.

Scotch and Cigars...

Scotch and Cigars Another Rush year, another scotch and cigars. The Alpha Tau actives, along with the alumni came out to meet some of the new rushes, drink some scotch and smoke some cigars. All well looking classy in a suit. Ten rushes came out, and we look forward to seeing them in the future.

Bison's Homecoming Game, DKE's & APhi's Tailgate For MS Research
Homecoming Tailgate for MS

Another year, an other Tailgate for charity. Thanks to everyone who came out the tailgate, as well as well as the lovely girls of Alpha Phi. Together we raised money for MS Research by handing out hot dogs and red bull to the fans of the Bisons and Huskies.

DEKEUnited Launched

To kickoff the launch of DEKEUnited, we interviewed some of the members of the Delta Kappa Epsilon International Board of Directors, the Rampant Lion Foundation Board and even the main man at the top of DKE himself. Find out what their fondest memories of DKE are and how much they are looking forward to interacting with Dekes on DEKEUnited!

Formal 2011
Formal 2011 Picture

The fraternity would like to thank all of those actives, alumni and of course, the beautiful dates that came out to the Delta Kappa Epsilon Formal. We drank some beers, we ate some dinner and, we (tried) to sing some songs. A big thank you goes out to Brother Brenton Belos for organizing the formal and making it a huge success. With the year completed, the fraternity has once again proved to the greek community and the school that we are the loudest and best. Thank you to all and see you next year.

Deke's Bag A Dike

The brothers were helping out with the Winnipeg Flood Fight this past Saturday. A bunch of the dekes went out sandbagging in preparation of the flood. It was tough work, but it was no match for them. Five hours later, the dike was built, the home would be saved if flooding occured and everyone there felt like they accomplished something spectacular. That, and the knowledge that they were going for a couple of beers now that they were done.


Bro. Blair Shuturma wins Alpha Phi's Bordeaux Beau

Bordeaux Beau Congratulations to Brother Blair Shuturma for being chosen as the Alpha Phi Sorority's Sweetheart. He definitally is showing the gentleman quality of a deke. We wish all the best to him and the Alpha Phi sorority.

DKE Alpha Tau Formal

DrinkingAs the school year starts to draw to a close, it's almost time for the DKE Formal. This year the formal will be held at the Winnipeg Squash Club. It is a classy event with a dress code in effect. All members are to wear a black suit, white shirt and black tie. A year end active photo will be taken, including a photo with all the DKE's who attend.

The cost of this years formal for active members is $120. This includes dinner and a limo ride to and from a destination to be announced for you and your date. For more information or to purchase your tickets, please talk to Bro. Brenton Belos.

DKE Executive Director Doug Lanpher vists Alpha Tau

Alpha Tau was visted by Bro. Doug Lanpher on Wednesday March 9th. This was his second vist to our Manitoba chapter. Discussions took place about our housing situation and about the direction of DKE International. We would like tp thank Bro. Doug Lanpher for visiting our chapter and look forward to seeing him in the future.

Doug Lanpher with Alpha Tau Dekes

No More Pledges

Alpha Tau Class of 2015

Delta Kappa Epsilon would like to congradulate the class of 2015. Welcome to the Alpha Tau family!

Pledge Party

Pledge Party The pledge party was a huge success. The pledges of Alpha Tau held a party at Area Nightclub, where they brought in a good crowd in order to raise money for their dues. According to everyone who was there, a good time was had by all.

Active Holiday Dinner

Actives Holiday Dinner The actives holiday dinner took place at the Fort Garry Hotel this year. We were treated to a wonderful meal and fantastic drinks. A big thanks goes out to the staff of the hotel who put up with us for the event, and to Bro. Brenton Belos for organizing the event. The night went smoothly and nothing was broken, so I speak for everyone when I say it was a successful formal. All the actives, alumni and pledges who came out to the event had a wonderful night. Also, thanks to Bro. Craig Murray for hosting the after party.

Alumni Holiday Dinner

Alumni Holiday Dinner The alumni holiday dinner was held on Thursday December 9th at the Round Table. Discussions took place about possible housing options, a look into the future of Alpha Tau and what we wanted the chapter to look like down the road. A wholesome meal was served, and we thank the staff of the Round Table for their excellent service.

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