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DKE House Fundraiser 2016

A new ΔKE house is needed... now is the time to act!

It has been almost 10 years since Alpha Tau moved out of the Warsaw house (R.I.P.), and the active chapter needs the support of the alumni chapter now to purchase a new house.

The Alumni Association has been working hard to facilitate the purchase of this house at 638 Jubilee Ave. It is in a high traffic area of the city and has many advantages to its becoming the next ΔKE house. It is a four bedroom /2 bath / w garage that would be sustainable as an active chapter house. The Alpha Tau chapter currently is very active and healthy with over 30 members. We should be proud of the way they have kept ΔKE alive without a house: and now its our chance to reward their efforts. The Alumni Association has about $150K from the sale of the previous house, but we will need substantially more ($200K+) from the Alumni and active chapters to make this dream a reality for active members and for future generations of ΔKE.

What ΔKE needs from you.

We need Alumni to step-up to donate funds towards the purchase of this property. And we need your support NOW. This project has been in the works for some time now, and it finally entering into a critical stage where most of the planning has been done, but we need to FUNDRAISE for the final purchase of the property.

How do I support this fundraising effort of Alpha Tau?

There are two main ways to donate:
  1. Make a direct donation to Alpha Tau.

    • By using PayPal (monthly payments);
      Donation Amounts - 12 Monthly Payments
    • By using PayPal (lump sum);
    • Or, by sending a cheque to Alumni Treasurer;
      Rob Eby
      100-1345 Waverley
      Wpg, MB
      R3T 5Y6
  2. Donate to the ΔKE Foundation and get a TAX receipt.

    ΔKE Canada has created a nonprofit foundation operating out of Vancouver that allows all donations to get a TAX receipt (ie. Just like a donation to Heart and Stroke, etc). You can even divide the donation across two years if you want. Wow, all money donated to the foundation comes back directly to Alpha Tau and you get a tax break.

    Within two days, the Alpha Tau Chapter receives information of your donation to the cause, and the funds can be transferred to Alpha Tau Alumni Association for the purchase of this house.

It's that easy... and very quick to give back to ΔKE.

It's time to pay it back to the fraternity gentlemen. We all have gained much from our association with our fraternity and we want to assure that future generations of young men will have an opportunity to experience ΔKE as well. We require our alumni and active members to come up big now in our hour of need.

We have created different categories of donors to the ΔKE house project, and we will create a donation board of members who have taken part to be displayed at the ΔKE house (of course, any anonymous donations will be respected)

Up to $1000 Friends from the Heart level.
$1001 - $4999 Diamond Pin level.
$5000+ Rampant Lion level.

If you wish to share this information with any Brothers, it can be downloaded here.

For any questions regarding PayPal, please contact Brother Alex Plishka at

The time is now gentlemen. Please do your best to be a part of this important initiative that will help secure ΔKE in MB for years to come.

Thank you for your generosity!


Welcome to Delta Kappa Epsilon's Alpha Tau chapter website and congratulations on finding one of the most prestigious fraternities in North America. We are based out of the University of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba here in Winnipeg. If you are a visitor wanting to learn more about Delta Kappa Epsilon we welcome you to please visit our RUSH section found here. For more information about the fraternity, or about rush, please feel free to contact our Rush Chairman: Matthew Zelich ( or 204-995-2931).

For more information, check out our event page here.


The active chapter is updating their contact list. We are planning on creating a strong active/alumni base. To get filled in on what the active chapter is doing with monthly e-mails and when active/alumni events are being held, please fill out the survey here. If you wish to reconnect with the Alumni of the Alpha Tau chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon, please e-mail Chris Gardner (, and we will get you in touch with the Alumni.

Alumni dues can now be paid online via PayPal, click below to pay dues.

Rush DKE 2016

Golf Tournament

Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity is now accepting rushes for the 2016 school year. If you are interested in going to a rush event with our fraternity please contact: Matthew Zelich ( or 204-995-2931) or Adam Setka ( or 204-330-4478).

Along with the events above we will also have the following events:

September 8th: The Hub

September 9th: Johnny Country live at Le Garage

September 10th: DKE golf tournament

September 15th: The Toad in the Hole

September 22nd: Poker Night

September 29th: Triple B's

October 6th: Pub Crawl

October 7th: Scotch and Cigars

For more details on events, take a look at our Events page.

John Tryon DKE Memorial Golf Tournament 2014

Golf Tournament

Alpha Tau is excited to announce that we will be hosting our 7th annual John Tryon DKE Memorial Golf Tournament this year on September 6th, at Bel Acres Golf Club.

The format for this years tournament will be best ball, and tee off will be at 10am. Aftwerwards we will head to the house for some beer, food from Danny's Whole Hog BBQ Smokehouse, and prizes! The cost for the whole event will be around $115, though the final cost will be determined after numbers are finalized.

If you are interested in playing in this years tournament please contact either Carl Bergh at (204) 770-0306, or Alex Plishka at (206) 734-2304 or aplishka@gmail.

We look forward to seeing everyone out on the links!

Welcome Class of 2018!

Welcome our new brothers of the Alpha Tau chapter!

Greek Life on UMFM

Great job to everyone on the UofM Student Life radio show and great job to brother Steve Setka and brother Brenton Belos for representing Delta Kappa Epsilon: Alpha Tau Chapter!
You can download the unedited version of the Greek Life Segment on the UMFM Radio Podcasts